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Reviews & Recommendations

12/06/18 Linkedin

"I attended a conference workshop with John as the presenter and received a copy of his book, Career Judo. Months later as I read these pages I had to take time to give kudos to the well thought out, extremely helpful book he has written. Well done!"

Megan Madasz, M.P.A. - Director of Employer Relations, Witchita Area Technical College

07/13/18 Amazon

"For anyone contemplating a career transition or for those who may be starting a job search, Career Judo, by John Long with Erin Newman, is a must-read and invaluable resource. This book teaches how to proactively seek or streamline a career change versus simply reacting to what openings are posted on job boards. Like the colored belts earned in all Martial Arts, John’s application of Judo belt levels to represent each step or technique in the job search process is an effective way to organize what may become a daunting task.
John has attained an outstanding career pursuit acumen which is applicable from entry level to executive level positions. In my professional opinion, one of the best take-aways from this book is John’s strategic placement of online resource icons, to enhance his main points, for example:

• How to network like a pro
• What are transferable skills
• Resume & Cover Letter do’s and don’ts
• Special industry job boards
• How to prepare for an interview plus questions to ask the interviewer

From personal branding, to expounding on professional development, to dealing with getting the job offer (or not), this book lays the groundwork necessary for tackling an ever-changing job market and achieving career success.
I have no hesitation in recommending Career Judo for anyone seeking a successful and satisfying career progression. This book will motivate, empower and guide individuals through the challenges of positive change and career transition."

Debra Ruddell, M.S., CCC. GCDF - Certified Career Counselor | Past President, Georgia Career Development Association

01/19/18 Linkedin

"To know me as an avid reader is to know that I take my time to read a book that captivates my attention because I don't know how to read through a GOOD book without taking notes. Career Judo is one of those GOOD books that I read a chapter and have to re-read the chapter to make sure I haven't missed anything.


Man oh man! The fact that it is easy to read made me STEAL time away and sit in a corner with pen and notepad. Every JOB SEEKER needs this book before their job search! As a Career Specialist, people contact me all the time stating they feel lost and the desire for clarity on a career fit. This material has helped me refine my own content used to take someone from lost to clarity for a successful career transition."  Lynn George, M.Ed., CMCS, PHR, SHRM-CP - Professional Career & Life Coach | Career Services Specialist

01/08/18 Amazon

"No matter your age, background, employment status, or experience, this book is a must-read for anyone brave enough to engage in self-exploration and the journey of achieving a fulfilling and satisfying career.

As a trainer, career development specialist, and business services consultant for over twenty years, I endorse "Career Judo" as a practical guide that will clearly and effectively move its readers along a well-laid out pathway of steps designed to hone in on interests and strengths and the careers best suited to them. More importantly, the book inspires and pushes readers to make good progress on what can sometimes be an overwhelming process!

One of the things I love about CAREER JUDO is its results - readers not only learn about themselves, careers, self-discipline, and ongoing growth and development-- they come away from the book with a genuine and exciting "pitch" that they can use to showcase their unique gifts to potential employers in their career fields of choice." 
 Aaron Leson, MBA, CBSP, CCSP - Master Trainer and Career Development Specialist

11/12/17 Amazon 

" CAREER JUDO is an informative, succinct guide to the career exploration process and I love how it ties in the martial arts!" 

Laura Latham, M.S., CMCS, GCDF - Career and Talent Development Consultant



" I really like this book which uses Judo as a way to describe the career process. Judo uses control, wisdom, and patience. Your career development requires this as well. You get concrete specific tools to develop your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview, and more in a positive uplifting style. Well done, I highly recommend this book for the person who is struggling on what to do next and needs a good place to start. You will know what you need to do, how to do it, and have the mindset to stay positive throughout."  –Jim Peacock, M.Ed., CCSP – Trainer, Instructor, Coach, and Certified Career Services Provider at Peak-Careers.

11/02/17 Amazon

"There is no reason to stay stuck! We all have a choice to go through the motions to make a living or to take action to create a happy and fulfilling career. If you don’t know where to start buy this book and take advantage of its wealth of ideas and resources. You won’t be sorry!"  Keyuri Joshi, M.S.N., CPC, ACC - On the Ball Life & Parenting Coaching

10/20/17 Linkedin

"John’s book is a must read for anyone contemplating a career move in today's competitive job market. He applies his expertise as a seasoned career specialist, respected scholar, and accomplished martial artist to strategically level the playing field of any candidate navigating a difficult career transition." ~ Margi Williams, MSIOP, CMCS, PCM, Talent Consultant | Industrial-Organizational Psychology Practitioner | Career Strategist at Diversified Career Services

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