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The wisdom of Greek philosopher Heraclitus, "The only thing that is constant is change," was never more true than when a book goes to print. CAREER JUDO was a three-year project, with an ultimate goal to provide timely, real-world content. Recent events point to the following changes in the book's content:

Page 35 - Your Professional Profile: The personal possessive pronoun "My" is starting to wiggle its way back into the resume narrative and personal pronouns are becoming common in online profiles, such as LinkedIn. Not earth-shattering news, yet something to consider as a personal choice.

Page 60 - Metasearch Sites: Since the recent acquisition of by the parent company of, LinkedIn no longer partners with Simplyhired to provide job search features.

Erin, Diane and I completed several edits to the CAREER JUDO manuscript before the final version was released to Balboa Press for publishing. I have an amazing friend, Dr. Stephen, who is trained as a neuro-molecular biologist. He can attest to the brain's power to fill in correct content, even though our eyes are actually viewing an error on the printed page. I humbly apologize for the following print errors in the book and embrace the imperfection of being human. And as an INFJ, in the world of MBTI Personality Types, I prefer big picture over details...which is why I refer clients to accomplished, certified resume writers. If you come across any content in the book, or on the RESOURCES section of this website, that needs attention, please feel free to email me at I am grateful for all feedback.  --John

Page 6 - In sentence two, the word "manner" should be "manager", as in "project manager".

Page 18 - Under item 4, the second to the last sentence should read..."New York City or Los Angeles."

Page 25 - Exercise 7 should be listed in large font, to catch the reader's eye.


Page 36 - Sample resume heading and profile: I wanted to cry when I saw this error, the word "organization's" in the photo should be possessive.

Page 76 - The latter part of the paragraph, begins with "Keep in mind......"is" should not be capitalized.​


Page 100 - Sentence four: Although not technically incorrect, since some major universities, such as MIT, use this format, the "LBGT" acronym is more commonly listed as "LGBT" or expanded to "LGBTQIA" (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual).


Page 111 - The second reference on this page is listed in AMA rather than APA format. To my friends and colleagues in academia, I ask forgiveness for the inconsistency and list the proper APA format below.

Tugade, M. M., Fredrickson, B. L., & Barrett, L. F. (2004). Psychological Resilience and Positive Emotional Granularity: Examining the Benefits of Positive Emotions on Coping and Health. Journal of Personality, 72(6), 1161–1190.

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