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Relax at the beach with Carer Judo

CAREER JUDO - A Publication from Balboa Press!

Whether you’re a college student seeking a major, a twenty- or thirty-something looking to advance your position in life, or an accomplished individual who’s considering a transition for more fulfillment, there is a path to a meaningful career for you. It will take focus, energy, and grit, but it will reward you in more ways than you can imagine. With insights that will empower, motivate, and inform you, CAREER JUDO guides you through a progression of action steps to clarify and accelerate your journey of positive change and career transition.

CAREER JUDO combines a lifetime of insights with over a decade of practical strategies and resources that have been applied successfully by my students and clients. Like the colored belts you are awarded as you advance in judo training, this book offers step-wise levels of trusted techniques and a progression of knowledge, skills, and resources to help you achieve a meaningful change in your career. Each “belt” in CAREER JUDO provides viable techniques that you can immediately engage to craft your career map and achieve results. Most importantly, just as you would learn how to balance your own unique strengths against those of your opponents in the dojo, CAREER JUDO helps you discover what makes you unique and valuable in the job market and learn how to demonstrate that powerfully to your potential employers.

"There is a path to a more meaningful career." -- J.E. Long

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