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About Erin Newman

Mindset Coach

Erin is a professional coach and author who has studied the process of self-transformation and growth with many teachers. She helps women to claim their path and to find confidence and fulfillment in launching a business, much like she’s learned to do in her own life’s journey. A graduate of the University of Virginia and a fluent German speaker, she spent many years in corporate America struggling to fit her round hole self into a square peg, and she’s now found her calling as a mindset coach for aspiring entrepreneurs, working with individuals who want to turn their calling into a business.


Erin truly believes that each person already knows the answers within, and can find these answers by asking the right questions and listening deeply. In her coaching practice, she uses a combination of guided visualizations and insight to help each client discover how to step into authentic courage. Erin has been certified as a Life Coach by the LifeWorks School of Coaching, as well as received one-on-one training with Dr. Jill Kahn of Empowerhouse Leadership Consultancy. Many spiritual practices, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shamanism, inform her practice and help others to heal. Her special gift of a Confidence Booster Worksheet is available at And come join in the conversation for aspiring entrepreneurs in the Dream Starters Community on Facebook!

Photo of Erin Newman

"There is a path to a more meaningful career." -- J.E. Long

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