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Photo of author John E. Long

"There is a path to a more meaningful career".

Career Coach John Long shares trusted techniques from over a decade of work with thousands of clients and students!  Gain access to targeted guidance, resources and self-coaching activities to help you define and connect with a true fit, more meaningful career path.

"From Entry level to executive level in the workforce - Read This Book! This book lays the groundwork for tackling an ever-changing job market and achieving career success"  | Debra Ruddell, Certified Career Counselor and Past President, Georgia Career Development Association. 


"Man oh man! The fact that it is easy to read made me STEAL time away and sit in a corner with pen and notepad. Every JOB SEEKER needs this book before their job search! As a Career Specialist, people contact me all the time stating they feel lost and the desire for clarity on a career fit. This material has helped me refine my own content used to take someone from lost to clarity for a successful career transition."  | Lynn George - Professional Career & Life Coach | Career Services Specialist


"John’s book is a must read for anyone contemplating a career move in today's competitive job market."  | Margi Williams - Talent Consultant & Career Strategist at Diversified Career Services

"I highly recommend this book for the person who is struggling on what to do next and needs a good place to start. You will know what you need to do, how to do it, and have the mindset to stay positive throughout."  | Jim Peacock – Trainer, Instructor & Coach at Peak-Careers

"There is no reason to stay stuck! We all have a choice to go through the motions to make a living or to take action to create a happy and fulfilling career. If you don’t know where to start buy this book and take advantage of its wealth of ideas and resources. You won’t be sorry!"

Keyuri Joshi - On the Ball Life & Parenting Coaching

"CAREER JUDO is an informative, succinct guide to the career exploration process and I love how it ties in the martial arts!" 

Laura Latham - Career and Talent Development Consultant

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